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A custom learning opportunity

Have you, your children, or grandchildren ever wanted to build your own computer but have no idea where to begin? Let us help you accomplish this goal. For no extra cost other than the machine you can come to the shop and have our Expert Head technician walk you through the process.

We start with picking out the right system and components for you. We then order the parts and call you to set up a date to build the system. It will take 5 -6 hours to build including installing windows and any software you provide. Data transfer may take longer. Yes, you will build it every screw, motherboard mount, even Liquid Cooled if thats what you want the possibilities are endless.

This is a wonderful experience for anyone whether you’re new to computers or a power user it is a totally new experience.

Its also a great birthday present or Graduation present.

Feel free to call or email the shop with any questions.


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